K A R I N A  H O R I T Z




I recycle, reuse and cut up images, using visual culture, I adapt them creating collages or visual poems.

They are an investigation into our contemporary life, with all the challenges that the human experience has to bring.

Some of the various themes that I address are: our ever evolving cultural identity, from an exploration of family, national or global narrative. Through to the challenge of life in the 21st century lead by radical technological development, our relationship with the environment, climate change and how these themes impact our future, our mental health and our way of life.

Please explore the thematic collections of collages below



Karina Horitz (born in London, 1969) studied Fine Art at the John Moore's University in Liverpool.


In 1993 after graduating she exhibited in the New Academy Gallery in London, after which she first moved to Budapest.


The following year she had her first exhibition  in Hungary, as part of the Gallery by Night, series of events in the Studio Gallery, along with Sherri Hay and Balázs Kicsiny.


Since then she has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in Hungary, Slovakia and the USA. From 2004 she has been permanetly based in Budapest with her family, where she now lives and works.


Solo Exhibitions


2010 Hybrid Memories II, Pintér Sonja Gallery, Budapest

2008 Hybrid Memory, At Home Gallery, Slovakia

2007 Visible Distance, Pintér Sonja Gallery, Budapest

2003 All Seeing, Pintér Sonja Gallery, Budapest (with Balázs Kicsiny)

2000 Visible Distance, Pintér Sonja Gallery, Budapest (with Balázs Kicsiny)

1995 23&14 Bartok 32 Gallery, Budapest (with Balázs Kicsiny)

1994 Gallery by Night, Studio Gallery, Budapest (joint work with Sherri Hay and Balázs Kicsiny)

1992 Hope Street Gallery, John Moore’s University, Liverpool, UK


Group Exhibitions


2019 About Black, A FEKETÉRŐL Első Magyar Látványtár, Tapolca-Diszel, Hungary

2016 Echoes, City, Society, Conflict & Self in Hungarian Photography, Alma Gallery, New York

2011 Szép múlt vár ránk, Csikász Gallery, Veszprém, Hungary

2004 Műgyüjtől dicsérete Első Magyar Látványtár, Tapolca-Diszel, Hungary

2002 A tükör képei, Első Magyar Látványtár, Tapolca-Diszel, Hungary

1993 Northern Graduate Show, The New Academy Gallery, London, UK



  • A lehetetlen megkísértése Alkotó nők – válogatott esszék, tanulmányok a kortárs magyar művészetről, Tatai Erzsébet, Új Művészet Alapítvány és a Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Bölcsészettudományi Kutatóközpontja. 2019

  • As Lightening, Transfiguration in Artworks By Kristi Burman published by Umea University, Department of History and Theory of Art, Sweden, 2008


  • Pávatoll a szájban, Tatai Erzsébet, Új Művészet, January 2004

  • Maszkok világa, Máthé Andrea, Műértő, December 2003,


  • Mindenek útjai, Nagy Barbara, Élet és Irodalom. 48. évfolyam, 1.


  • A szent és a profán, Hajdu István, Beszélő, February 1995,

  • Oltár és stációk villanyfélhomályban, Sinkó István, Új Művészet, May 1995