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Group exhibition: All about Death, 2b Gallery Budapest, Hungary

February 28th - March 22nd 2024

This group of artworks aims to reflect on how various family members, no longer with us, have been captivated by the beauty and mystery of the moon, which offered them stability and certainty over the last 100 years.

Two photographs, one taken via telescopes and lenses in the 1920s along with a digital photo from 2016, have been illuminated, to emphasize the moon’s fascinating light. The fingertip marks which left the white shapes on the side of the image, emphasize the struggle with a mirror, to capture in focus this glowing orb.

The moon with the surrounding night skies “ familiar constellations “ offered reassurance and hope to my grandparents, as the moon connected them across thousands of miles during 4 years of war and uncertainty. They wrote hundreds of letters to each other, and two letters have been selected and inscribed on these two ceramic Moon Jars, which describe their connection to the moon. On Moon Jar I, the letter describes my grandfather sitting in a tank in the middle of the desert in North Africa, writing a letter during a lull in the fighting, (he was a tank commander in the Desert Rats) as it was a full moon. On Moon Jar II, my grandmother’s letter describes standing at a bus stop early morning (on the way to work in the aeronautical factory) as the sun is rising, after a storm, the beauty of the morning light, and the stability and certainty of the moon.

The collage was made many years ago enhances the theme of connection with loved ones, both in the present uncertain world and across generations.

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